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Meet the department heads who work with the Director team and the counselors to make sure everyone at CBB has the summer of a lifetime!


Administration Team

Program Director: Abigail Freeman

Abi Freeman3Abi was born and raised in Ottawa and she has been attending Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa since 2003. Abi worked on the beach for four summers (three summers as Sail staff and one summer as Head of Sail) and has worked as part of the administration team for the past three summers (Head of Operations, Assistant Program Director, Program Director), and this will be Abi’s second summer as Program Director. Over the past several summers, Abi has been involved in the creation of many camp programs and she is extremely excited to build upon these experiences this summer. Through 14 summers at CBB, Abi has both seen and experienced firsthand the excitement that comes from the countless number of camp programs and traditions that CBB has to offer. She also realizes that every camp program has a meaningful impact on the campers and staff and provides them with memories that will last a lifetime. With this in mind, Abi takes great pride in ensuring that all campers receive the ultimate level of joy and satisfaction from every program they participate in. Heading into Summer 2017, Abi understands the need to maintain the spirit and essence of the camp's traditions, but she is also focused on working with the staff and supervisors to add new and creative elements to all of the daily programs and special events.

Abi graduated from McGill University in June 2015 after studying Industrial Relations, and is currently working full-time for Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa!


Head of Operations: Dora Scharf

Dora ScharfDora was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and began working at Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa in 2008. Dora worked as a staff on B-Girls for two summers before becoming Head of the Junior and A-Girl units, a position she held for three consecutive summers. In 2013, Dora began working with Westcoast Connection 360 Student Travel. Her first summer, she led a 40-day trip from New York to California, and spent the next two summers directing month-long travel programs. A big baker with an even bigger sweet tooth, in her free time you can usually find Dora in the kitchen either whipping up or finishing off a batch of cupcakes! She is a huge believer in impromptu dance parties. Any and all Beyoncé is welcome.

Dora completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McGill University, and a Bachelor of Education in Primary/Junior Education from the University of Ottawa. She spent two years gaining practical experience in front of the classroom before deciding to go back to school as a student herself. Dora recently completed her Masters in Education in Social Justice at the University of Toronto, and is eager to continue to gain professional insight through additional qualifications.

Dora hopes to provide campers and staff with new opportunities to learn and grow, and to help them create lifelong memories! She is excited to be joining the admin team, and providing campers with incredible experiences that will keep them coming back to camp year after year! Dora is so excited to be coming “home” to Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa for Summer 2017, and is already counting down the days till what she knows will be another incredible summer!


Assistant Program Director: Hailey Stummer

Hailey StummerHailey is from Toronto, Ontario and has recently completed her undergraduate degree in Public Relations at the University of Guelph. This will be Hailey's 15th summer at CBB, starting as a Junior Girl in 2003. Hailey has seen it all at CBB - she has been both head of a specialty and a unit, allowing her to stretch her creative juices to create new and exciting programs for the campers. After an amazing summer as Head of B Girls in 2016, Hailey is super excited to share her innovative and fun ideas with the camp as Assistant Program Director. 

Head of CITs & Staff Development: Lianna Krantzberg

Lianna KrantzbergLianna is from Ottawa, Ontario and will be completing the Teacher Education program at the University of Ottawa before camp this summer! Lianna has been attending CBB of Ottawa since 2002 as an A Girl, making this her 16th summer at camp. Lianna is very excited to be back at CBB, her second home. After spending many summers running the Dance program, one summer as Head of B Girls, and one summer as Head of Senior Girls, Lianna is extremely excited take on the role of Head of CITs and Staff Development for Summer 2017! With her extensive camp experience and her knowledge from the Teacher Education program, Lianna is already brainstorming and revamping the CIT program to ensure that our CITs gain the best experiences in order to train them to be incredible staff for future summers. Along with training our CITs, Lianna is looking forward to developing our counselors' skills through a variety of workshops and small group sessions. Lianna is eager to share all of her new knowledge and experiences from the education program as well as from her time working in schools. Lianna is counting down the minutes, hours, and days until she can share her ideas and enthusiasm with the CITs and staff of 2017!! 

Head of Waterfront: Cassandra Goldfarb

Cassandra GoldfarbCassandra was born and raised in Ottawa and has been attending CBB since she was a Junior Girl in 2003. She is currently attending Bishop’s University for Neuroscience. This will be her 15th summer at CBB and her third as a supervisor. Having been a ski staff for three years and head of ski for the past two years, Cassandra is ecstatic to be taking on the position of Head of Waterfront! She is looking forward to sharing her passion and love for all of the programs at the beach with the campers this coming summer! 



Head of Transpo: Alex Lastewka

Alex LastewkaAlex Lastewka is from St. Catherine’s, Ontario and is completing his degree at the University of Guelph in Justice Studies. This will be Alex’s first summer at Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa and he couldn’t be more excited for this experience. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing hockey and football. Alex is excited to bring activities and programs from his previous camp experience to CBB and is positive that his optimistic and outgoing personality will be a great fit within the CBB family. 




Head of Waterski: Tommy Friedlich

Tommy FriedlichTommy is from Ottawa, Ontario and is currently in his second year of Biochemical Engineering at Queen's University. His first summer at CBB was in 2006 as a first year A Boy, and it was then that Tommy fell in love with waterskiing and wakeboarding. Ever since then, the beach has been Tommy's favourite place to be. He spent 4 out of 6 CIT placements on the beach and has been a ski staff for the past three years at CBB. He is really looking forward to fulfilling his A Boy dream of being Head of Waterski and Wakeboard this summer! He and his staff have some creative new ideas for the beach and are excited to share their passion with camp. Tommy is excited to spend his 11th summer at his favourite place on earth!


Head of Sail: Josh Shore

CookieJosh, known across camp as "Cookie", is from Toronto, Ontario and is currently studying Kinesiology at Queen's University in Kingston. Josh has been attending CBB since he was a B Boy in 2008, making this his 10th summer at CBB and his first as a supervisor. After working as a staff on canoe and sail for 3 summers, Josh is very excited to take on the role of Head of Sail for the summer of 2017. Having grown up spending summers by the lake, Josh has many new ideas to bring to the sail program. With his love for physical activity, the outdoors and all water sports, Josh is certain that he will show everyone why the beach is the place to be!

Head of Canoe: Charles Moatti

Charles MoattiCharles is from Montreal, Quebec and is currently finishing his first year at University of Ottawa where he is studying Civil Law. Charles started attending camp in 2014 and is thrilled to be back for his fourth summer at CBB. Previously, Charles was an A and B boy staff as well as sailing and canoe staff. Last year, he was on Pathfinders. Since an early age, Charles has always had a love and passion for camp and the beach. He hopes to bring excitement and fun to the beach while teaching the campers new ways to excel in the water. Charles can’t wait to ‘stern’ up a summer of a lifetime for the kids at CBB! Chucky’s back!

Head of Swim: Stefanie Oppenheimer

Stef OppenheimerStefanie is from Ottawa Ontario and attends school at Queen’s University where she is completing her third year studying Concurrent Education and Psychology. This will be Stefanie’s 4thyear at camp after taking three summers off. While away from camp, she worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor as well as a camp counsellor at a sports camp. She had the opportunity to teach and work with kids of all ages and is so excited to return to CBB and apply what she has learned to make the pool a place where campers can have fun while also improving their swimming skills!


Head of Landsports: Jacob Berman

Jacob BermanJacob is from Thornhill, Ontario and is currently completing the second year of his undergraduate degree at Huron University College, an affiliated college of Western University, where he is studying Management and Organizational Studies. Jacob has been attending CBB of Ottawa since 2010 as a Senior Boy, making this summer his 8th at camp. Jacob is ecstatic to be making the transition to being a supervisor on Landsports after spending the past three years as a staff on both Landsports and Senior Boys. With his passion for all things sports, Jacob cannot wait to implement his own game plan for the Landsports program through the new, exciting and innovative ideas from his playbook. Jacob cannot wait to continue to build on what the Heads of Landsports before him have done and, with the help of his great staff, he knows this summer is going to be a home run.


Head of Tennis: Ben Zoldan

Ben ZoldanBen is from Montreal, Quebec and is currently finishing his first year at Concordia University where he is studying Business. Ben started attending camp in 2014 and is thrilled to be back for his fourth summer at CBB. Previously, Ben was a landsports and senior boys staff, but this year he is beyond excited to be Head of Tennis. Since an early age, Ben has always had a passion for playing sports and running around. He hopes to bring this enthusiasm to all the campers of CBB and to share his passion on and off the courts. Ben is already counting down the days to Summer 2017 and can't wait to serve up the best summer yet!


Head of Dance: Becca l'Anson-Dove

Becca L 'Anson -DoveBecca is from Sandhurst, England, a town around an hour east of London. She is 19 years old, and is currently studying Biology at the University of Birmingham. After having a year out from studying to work and travel Asia for 6 months, she is very excited to see even more new parts of the world! Having been a Guide Leader and a dance teacher previously, she is confident that her approachable and bubbly personality will fit in well with the camp team. Her three favourite things are dancing, exploring and meeting new people, so she could not be more excited to incorporate these things and spend Summer 2017 at her first summer camp as the Head of Dance! 

Head of A&C: Maegan Grossman

Maegan GrossmanMaegan is from Montreal and is currently studying Occupational Therapy at McGill University. This will be her 10th summer at CBB, having first started as a B Girl. After making the transition from a specialist to a bunk staff, Maegan is excited to work on a specialty again and to use her creative skills to help make the A&C a great time for all the campers! Maegan is already counting down the days until Summer 2017!



Head of Music: Jordan Winberg

Jordan WinbergJordan first attended CBB in 2009, in 2012 started working as a staff on Music, and in 2016 became head of the music program. He is currently in his fourth year of studies at the University of Guelph, majoring in toxicology. Of all the excellent programs at camp, Jordan’s absolute favourite is - you guessed it - music. From songs before Shabbat to rock ‘n’ roll in the studio, the music bunk is the place to be. Jordan’s music favourites include classical, classic rock, jazz, and funk, to name a few. He plays piano, guitar, drums, and anything else that can make sounds. Jordan can’t wait to begin making music in Summer 2017 and hopes that everyone will join him in making lots of noise!

Head of Drama: Sabrina Schaefer

Sabrina SchaeferSabrina is from Montreal, and studies at Concordia University in Human Relations. She graduated from the C.A.L.L. Theatre program at John Abbott College, and is excited to use the skills she learned in that program to help revamp the drama program in a big way! Throughout her 11 years at CBB of Ottawa, Sabrina has starred in multiple camp plays, ran drama programs as a CIT, and has always had a special place in her heart for the program. She hopes to cater to the kids who already love drama, and also hopes to break others out of their shells! She is counting down the days until she is back in her favourite place and can share her love for Drama with the campers and staff of 2017!!!


Head of Judaic Programming: Larry Ginsburg

Larry GinsburgBorn and raised in Albany, NY, Larry realized his passion for Jewish education from a young age. Throughout his many years at Camp Givah in New York, Larry’s love for Jewish education continued to grow, ultimately leading him to New York University’s Dual MPA/MA Program in Nonprofit Management and Hebrew and Judaic Studies. Larry has spent the past few years working in Jewish education as a youth group advisor, classroom teacher, and programs and education director at his childhood camp. Larry’s love of cultivating Jewish passion in kids and young adults comes through most at camp, where Jewish experiences can be found all around, and in many different forms. He is thrilled to join the CBB of Ottawa family this summer through the JCC Chizuk Fellowship, and looks forward to discovering Jewish identity with everyone!



Head of Juniors: Abby Greenberg

Abby GreenbergAbby is from Ottawa, Ontario and has just completed her second year at Ryerson University where she is studying Marketing. Abby has been attending CBB of Ottawa since 2007 as an A Girl, making this her 10th summer at camp. She has previously worked as a staff on Juniors and looks forward to making the move to Head Staff this summer. Abby has extensive experience working with junior-age campers, and is excited to put her programming ideas into place. By combining traditional camp activities with new and fun ones, Abby will ensure that all of the Juniors have a wonderful and memorable summer. Her goal is to encourage the same passion for camp that has kept her coming back for a decade!

Head of A Girls: Kayla Eisenberg

Kayla EisenbergKayla is from Montreal and is currently studying Behavioural Neuroscience at Concordia University. This will be her 12th summer at CBB, having attended since 2005 as a first year A Girl. Kayla cannot wait to be returning to camp as the Head of A Girls for the second year in a row! From her experience last summer as a unit head, in addition to her previous 3 summers spent as an A Girl and B Girl staff, she is excited to use her knowledge to help provide amazing summers for all of her staff and campers in the unit where she first fell in love with CBB. Whether you are new to camp or have been already coming for many years, Kayla is looking forward to making memories that last a lifetime with all of her campers. With her silly and spirited attitude, she feels as though this is the perfect job for her because she is truly an A Girl at heart. Kayla is already counting down the days until she can return for a summer full of new experiences, new people and lots of fun!

Head of A Boys: Jeremy Galper

FezJeremy is from Toronto, Ontario and is currently at Ryerson University studying Accounting and Finance. This will be Jeremy's ninth year at Camp and is looking forward to another great summer. At Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa, everyone calls Jeremy by his nickname Fez. Jeremy was an A Boy staff in 2014 and 2015 and is looking forward to another year with that age group as the Head of A Boys. Jeremy cannot wait to bring new activities to the A Boy unit as well as bring back classic programs that are always a success! 


Head of B Girls: Lindsay Eiley

Lindsay EileyLindsay, aka “Leils”, is from Montreal, but recently moved to Ottawa to study Finance at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. Lindsay’s first year at CBB of Ottawa was in 2009 as a B Girl, making this her 9th summer at her absolute favourite place! After being a camper for 4 summers, going through the CIT program and then being a staff for 3 years on B Girls and Senior Girls, Lindsay is really looking forward to making the transition to being a supervisor with the best unit in camp; where it all started for her! She is beyond excited to share her love for camp, energy and enthusiasm with the B Girls of 2017! Whether its participating in all the specialties, hanging out in the bunk, or planning the coolest evening programs, Lindsay knows it’s never going to be a dull moment with the Beautiful, Bubbly, Beaming, and all around Best B Girl unit the camp has ever seen!! Lindsay is counting down the days until the fun begins, and just hopes that all the B Girls and B Girl staff are as excited as she is! 

Head of B Boys: Josh Margles

Josh MarglesJosh is from Toronto, Ontario and just finished his second year at Queens University in Kingston where he is studying Math and Statistics. Josh is very excited to return for his eighth summer at CBB of Ottawa. For the last three summers, he was a B Boy staff and is so excited to be making the jump to Head of B Boys this year. Josh’s favourite camp activities are Grey Cup, playing basketball and canoeing. Josh has many new ideas to bring to the table and is so excited to make Summer 2017 the best yet!  



Head of Senior Girls: Victoria Frank

Victoria FrankVictoria grew up in Montreal and attended Camp B’nai Brith of Montreal for 12 summers. She pursued her favourite camp activity of high ropes, rock climbing and zip lining while working as a staff there and also at URJ Camp Newman in California. This will be her first summer with the CBB of Ottawa family and she can’t contain her excitement as she will be the Head of Senior Girls! She has plenty of ideas up her sleeve and is eager to make this summer the most fun possible for her girls! As she is a recent psychology and sociology graduate from the University of Ottawa, Victoria spent the past few summers interning, working, and travelling. The problem was that she is a diehard camp person at heart and she missed being at camp each day, and thus she is counting down the days before she makes her return/debut. She can’t wait to give the Senior Girls the summer of a lifetime and hopes that they’re as excited as she is!

Head of Senior Boys: Eric Buckshon

Eric BuckshonThis will be Eric’s 8th summer at camp. He started as a B Boy and came back in 2011 as a Senior Boy. Eric has always enjoyed counting down the days until the next summer. He has lived in Ottawa all his life, and is currently enrolled at Carleton University where he is studying Psychology. He has spent two of the past three summers as a bunk staff for Senior Boys and is really looking forward to being head of an amazing unit. Eric is looking forward to creating new activities for the boys and reliving old programming traditions at CBB. He can’t wait to work with some amazing staff to make this the best summer for the Senior Boys of 2017! 

Head of Pathfinders: Christina Cummins

Christina CumminsChristina is from Newmarket, Ontario and lives in Toronto to attend Ryerson University for Public Administration and Governance. This will be Christina's second summer at CBB, with last year heading the A&C program with her amazing staff. Christina can't wait to experience (and plan!) her second Colour War at CBB and is looking forward to the great memories she'll make with her PCs and staff this summer! Christina is so excited to build on the PC programming to make sure her campers have the best summer ever!



Office Manager: Cheryl Millman

Cheryl MillmanCheryl grew up in Montreal, attending McGill University, and graduating with a B.A and a Graduate Diploma in Elementary Education. As someone who appreciates the value of learning, she recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership at McGill University. She has been an educator for 33 years, and is presently teaching English in Kindergarten at Talmud Torah Elementary School, and as a pre-school specialist in a private early childhood centre. 

Cheryl started attending camp at age nine in the Laurentians, and continued until her mid-teens, when she switched to Habonim Dror Camps, first in New York, and then in Ontario. As a staff member, Cheryl taught swimming, working her way up and eventually heading waterfront for four years at a variety of camps. For the last 10 years, she has been been fortunate enough to work in the office of CBB of Ottawa alongside Jonathan and other administrative staff, all of whom, in her eyes, excel in their duties.

Cheryl can’t say enough about her belief that camp is a wonderful, growing and enriching experience for children. Her fondest summers memories were those spent at camp. She met her husband at CBB Montreal, and they are happily married with two children, both of whom have spent their formative years at CBB Ottawa. This summer, their positions will be third year staff and CIT.