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End of Camp Newsletter

Update from Camp Director - Jon Pivnick

Aug 17, 2012

Colour War has ended and the White Woody Team has triumphed over Blue Buzz in their effort to become Toy of the Year. Alma Maters were heartfelt and everyone enjoyed the 4 day competition. The weather all summer has been spectacular and with the timely co-operation of the weatherman and the rain over the last few weeks(the fire ban was lifted), we were able to pull off an exciting “burn-rope-burn” to end the senior apache relay.


Your child is headed home after a fun filled, jam-packed eventful summer. Overall, we've had another great summer with lots of spectacular programming and a phenomenal Pathfinder trip. We’re already busy setting up next year’s schedule and the Pathfinder trip. Grey Cup (not Superbowl)  will move back to the 2nd half of the summer so we can free up some time in the first half which has been very busy with special event programming.


I would like to thank all those that made donations to "Send a Kid to Camp" or donations of equipment  that helped make this experience better for all that were here and for the many that will be coming in the future.  We welcome your participation, don't be shy. If there is a specific project that you would like to be a part of please call the camp office to help.  Charitable receipts for your donations are issued just before tax season.


We've enjoyed building a summer experience for your children and look forward to seeing them next summer.  Registration for next year will be opening early in the fall. The Priority Registration Period for returning campers will last until October 15th.  After that we will open the doors to the numerous requests from outside families to register. EARLYBIRD Registration Discounts will be available until October 31st and 2012 pricing will be in effect for 2013. NO FEE INCREASES.



On a final but very important note,

In partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa is administering a Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We need your help and we would appreciate everyone’s participation as this will increase the validity of the results.

Customer Feedback

This survey gives us an opportunity to learn what drives a successful camp experience based on the perception of you, our customers, and then challenges us to improve based on your feedback. We have used the information in all of the previous years to drive the changes that we make to our camp and operation. This survey is being conducted by a professional market research firm (Summation Research) that will be reporting the findings to us.

National Impact

Your participation in this survey also assists the larger field of Jewish camping in assessing parent satisfaction across the country. Currently, 72 Jewish camps throughout North America are participating in this survey.

Instructions for Parents

Survey Link and Availability

To take the 15 minute survey, just click on the link below.  Please try to participate as soon as possible, but no later than August 30, 2012


Please be assured that this survey will be used for research purposes only and all responses will be kept in strict confidence. By participating in the survey, you will not be added to any future mailing lists or solicitations.

Click on this link to get started.  Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.  We greatly appreciate it.


Jonathan Pivnick, Camp Director

On behalf of Heidi, myself and all of us at CBB Ottawa, we wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year.  Shana Tova.

Jonathan Pivnick

Camp Director